About The Book


Odell Palacio’s debut book, Millennial Kingdom Entrepreneur, offers a unique and conversational perspective on applying faith-based principles to the world of entrepreneurship. By unabashedly framing his business acumen through a Christian lens, Palacio encourages entrepreneurs to see their dreams of owning a business as an anointing and a God-given right. Millennial Kingdom Entrepreneur functions as a personal account of Palacio’s trials and triumphs in business and an edifying guide for beginning to experienced entrepreneurs alike. Through his testimony and business ministry, Palacio steadfastly inspires believers to be faithful and knowledgeable servants of both Christ and future consumers while remaining practical and self-aware.

Here, readers will experience how the biblical lessons learned (and applied) during his process have granted him such success and access to opportunities before him now. With its conversational tone, astute perspectives, and biblical teachings, Millennial Kingdom Entrepreneur is a true inspirational resource and trustworthy companion for today’s entrepreneur.


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